A Quick Guide to Resetting Your BellSouth Email Password

With some of its exceptional features and excellent functionally, Bellsouth is giving a tough competition to the other email service providers across the globe. Ever since its acquisition by AT&T, all BellSouth emails have been made accessible via AT&T webmail, which is managed by Yahoo. While logging in to your BellSouth email account, if it is displaying an error message “invalid username or password”, then you could have forgotten your BellSouth email’s password. Don’t worry; BellSouth email password
reset process
is not too difficult to execute:

  1. Visit att.net
  2. In the sign in window, you will see Forgot password?
  3. Click that link and you will see a pop-up saying “You will be redirected to att.com”
  4. Don’t interrupt
  5. Provide your userID
  6. Enter your last name in the next field
  7. Now type the captcha carefully and click Continue
  8. Follow the further onscreen prompts to for your Bellsouth email password reset
  9. On the next page, click the drop-down menu and choose “send me a temporary password”
  10. You will receive the same on the email ID registered with your Bellsouth email account
  11. Open the email and proceed to the instructions for password reset
  12. Enter a new password
  13. Type it again to confirm
  14. It’s done!!!

During the entire process of Bellsouth email password reset, if you encounter a glitch, then it is recommended to take the help from an expert.
You have one other method to change your Bellsouth email password. This includes answering your security questions.

Here are the step-wise instructions for the same:

  1. After filling in the required details, when you click Continue on Forget Bellsouth password page, you will see a drop-down menu
  2. This time, choose “I’ll answer my security questions” instead of “send me a temporary password”
  3. Now, answer the security questions that you have earlier added to your account
  4. Click Continue
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed and finish Bellsouth email password reset
  6. It will not take more than five to seven minutes to reset your Bellsouth email password

What are you waiting for? If you cannot access your account, then reset the password immediately.
While setting up a new password, make sure you follow the guidelines and remember these tips in your mind:

• Set a secure password, i.e., a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers
• Never share your password with anyone
• Don’t keep passwords like “abcdefg” “qwerty” “123456” that are easy to guess

Hope the information was useful!